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About us

NorthTech was founded in 2003 and we are dedicated to delivering the best business critical and innovative solutions with a focus on quality and timeliness.

We have designed solutions and provided consultancy to, among others, Nordea, The National Mapping and Cadastral Agency (now Agency for Data Supply and Efficiency), The Danish Road Directorate, XponCard, KMD A/S and a number of other large organizations.

NorthTech consists of a solid team of highly specialised associates who take personal pride in their performance towards customers.

We help complete assignments that demand strong technical knowledge in the areas of IT architecture, development, quality assurance and pre-bid analysis.

In Scandinavia the quality of IT solutions is high, and the usage of Open Source common. NorthTech is Scandinavian and we spend our time designing optimal solutions composed of the best components. Our Nordic style is part of our DNA and we are happy to share knowledge and support collective initiatives.

NorthTech has been awarded the title of Gazelle enterprise in 2016.


We live in a time of explosive growth of data, and this demands a rethinking of the way organizations handle IT. If you simply scale existing solutions, you will all too easily land yourself in a situation where costs increase by several factors: 10×, 100× or even 1000.

At the same time, data is more specialized today than even 10 just years ago: Behavioral data gathered or procured from social media; sensor data from measurement stations and drones; imagery and video from surveillance and reporting; and lately, LIDAR and satellite data are poised to become easily or even freely available.

In NorthTech, we have specialized in combining Open Source, new technologies and optimized methods, in order to reduce complexity and the cost of leveraging the enormous advantages that the new oportunities bring to companies.

For two decades, we have consulted for the government and financial sector in particular, to meet the demands in distribution, transformation and integration of platforms, according to current compliance regulations, both nationally and internationally.

We are happy to take on assignments where no pre-existing software exists, requiring the design of entirely new solutions, whether that means combining existing tools and Open Source, or developing the necessary components from the ground up. We have extensive experience describing architecture from prototype to final delivery, in cooperation with an organization's internal departments as well as outsourcing partners.

In addition, we have specialists for planning and implementing quality assurance and test plans.


We offer a series of talks to give you and your employees inspiration and a quick overview of interesting technologies and topics:


Jon Hemmingsen

What is INSPIRE and what kind of governance does it demand? What does INSPIRE mean for me and my organization? What is OGC and how do they relate to ISO? What are the possibilities with Open Source with regards to geodata and public administration?

1 hour duration, and/or 4 hour workshop.

Consultants & employees

Jon Hemmingsen

How do I benefit the most from using consultants? What happens in the interaction between regular employees and consultants? How to best run projects with mixed teams and how to ensure that things work even after the experts have left?

1 hour duration and/or coaching of project managers.


Jes Wulfsberg Nielsen

Get a running start to Angular. In the chaotic world of JavaScript, Angular has become a de facto standard because it provides a well-understood, modular structure for single-page applications; user interfaces that function as applications rather than collections of pages. This talk gives an introduction to Angular itself and the related technologies.

1 hour duration and/or tutoring of developers.

Geodata is just data?

Julian Hollingbery

How do we handle geographic data efficiently? Which standard tools exist, so you don't have to reinvent the wheel? What kind of pitfalls does one encounter compared to so-called "ordinary" data?

1 hour duration and/or tutoring of developers.

Data distribution

Julian Hollingbery

Do we host geodata locally, on the Danish Data Distributor, or do cloud-based solutions exist which can meet our requirements? This talk touches on the challenges specific to geodata, and the helpful technologies which exist.

1 hour duration and/or tutoring of developers.

Why geodata?

With the advent of global map services and EU's INSPIRE initiative, geodata has been revolutionised from the deeply specialised GIS to a broader scope on all digital platforms.

Whether we speak of GPS navigation, fitness services, environmental data, agriculture or planning, geodata plays an increasing role in the way our society and life is organized. The demand for geodata-based services increases by the day, and we are all heavy users, both as persons, society and enterprises.

As a consequence, use and distribution of geodata become still more essential in enterprise and government, in both operation and in forming the perceived image in the eye of customers and the general public.

Distribution of geodata differs from distribution of other data types in several ways, for instance in the demands put on infrastructure and bandwidth: As an example, a search on Google results essentially in one query to a database, while a few minutes' usage of Google Maps easily results in 4000+ database requests.

Acceptable response times and smoothly responsive services therefore require optimization of the supplier's infrastructure, handling, transforming and distributing the geodata in the most efficient way through all connections and infrastructure elements.

Because of the fast-paced evolution, the technology stack hasn't always kept up, and our customers have continuously found shortcomings in off-the-shelf software, which we have then covered by building the missing pieces of the jigsaw.

This history has lead NorthTech to establish GEOteamwork®, where we have gathered our experience in the specialized fields pertaining to transformation and distribution of geodata. In particular, our latest component Bifrost solves the problem of access control to geodata, which existing protocols and standards do not address, and makes it possible to establish as fine-grained limiting and filtering access to your geodata as needed.

Bifrost is our newest product for user restriction of geodata, and among other things it offers:

Access restriction on geodata services


Integration to existing user directories

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