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Better datamodel handling

This is not the savior, but it can make your job easier. Make it easy to keep all of your environments/databases in sync with a structured approach. ORM, JPA, Liquibase, data modeling, versioning.

Now I will show you step by step how I work with the techniques - and I have to warn that it gets pretty macabre. I'm going to chop, cut and saw completely without limits in a piece of innocent text. In fairness, I originally wrote it myself.

I 2012 I wrote a blog post, with the title "This is why Facebook makes you to a better writer". It starts like this:

Facebook makes you a better writer. It is true. One often hears the opposite when language puritan advocate that the language that characterises social media contributes to sending the Danish language on a safe course towards the grave. But although I certainly do not prefer 'hgs' for 'hugs' or 'Ts fun' for 'It's fun', I think that frequent users of Facebook and other social media find themselves in a daily boot camp that can help improve their writing capabilities. Because without the individual user necessarily being aware of it, the medium forces its users to utilize at least four commendable communication principles. They are the following:

Yes I know. It sounds interesting. You can read the rest here. But right now it's about a communicative beauty surgery.