We live in a time of explosive growth of data, and this demands a rethinking of the way organizations handle IT. If you simply scale existing solutions, you will all too easily find yourself in a situation where costs increase by several factors: 10×, 100× or even 1000.

At the same time, data is more specialized today than even 10 just years ago: Behavioral data gathered or procured from social media; sensor data from measurement stations and drones; imagery and video from surveillance and as part of reporting; and lately, LIDAR and satellite data are poised to become easily or even freely available.

In NorthTech, we have specialized in combining Open Source, new technologies and optimized methods, in order to reduce the complexity and the cost of leveraging the enormous advantages that the new opportunities bring to companies.

For two decades we have been offering our advice primarily to the Danish State and the financial sector in order for them to meet the demands for compliance nationally and internationally, regarding distribution, transformation and integration of different platforms.

We like to solve problems, where no current software solution exists and new solutions have to be found, whether that means combining existing tools and open source projects, or creating the whole thing bottom up. We are experienced in describing architecture from prototype to complete construction in collaboration with internal divisions as well as with outsourcing partners.

We are also specialized in the planning of quality assurance and in actual test plans, and in the process of conducting them.