Julian Hollingbery
Geospatial expert
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Get a taste of collective mapping – options with OpenStreetMap

Ever heard about OpenStreetMap (OSM)? The OSM database is more than just Wikipedia for maps, and it contains a gigantic amount of geospatial data, that can be used in many business cases. Whether you need a background map with your own cartography as a context for your own data, or whether you need a platform for a collaborative group with local knowledge to optimize the quality of a particular set of data, OpenStreetMap definitely has something to offer. I will show you how to quickly set up a server containing a local copy of OSM, and that is continuously updated from the central database; it is suitable for the integration with a GIS. We can also cover some applications that show the unique opportunities for organizations to integrate with the OSM community, maximizing the data quality with a minimum of manpower.